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Create a High Performance Workforce


New WFFSA partnership will strengthen your ability to hire, train and develop your employees for maximum success

Finding, training and keeping the right people in the right jobs is critical to your business success. Making these decisions on ‘gut feel’ alone usually spells disaster, for your company, and for the employee. And now, when attracting a qualified and well-matched workforce is so critical, you need the right tools to make the right hiring and development decisions.

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ABC - Amega, Inc

Commercial Collections Agency


Low rates and free newsletter for members! WF&FSA endorses ABC-Amega, Inc., a commercial collection agency with domestic recovery rates consistently above the industry average, to handle your credit collection needs. WF&FSA has negotiated an aggressive fee structure for members, including a 10-day free-demand period for domestic accounts. They work in the US, Canada and 150 other countries.

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US Bank

US Bank Payment Solutions Credit Card Processing

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WFFSA has partnered with U.S. Bank Payment Solutions to offer you a simple, cost effective payment processing program. This partnership will allow you as a member to take advantage of U.S. Bank’s superior payment processing and services. Our network, leading the industry for speed and reliability, provides the most cost-effective, user-friendly technology available on the market today at the highest standard of customer service. Even if you are currently using another payment processor, call us for a FREE rate comparison.

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Members Reduce Fuel Costs

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WF&FSA and FleetCor have two programs to help you simplify the process of controlling fuel and maintenance purchases. FleetCor makes it easy to monitor spending and identify hidden costs, such as unauthorized fueling. The savings can quickly add up -- with average annual savings of 15%. There is no application fee and no annual fee. In addition, as a member of the Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association you will receive up to $.08 per gallon discount off of the posted retail price for all fuel purchases. Click here for more information about the new Universal Premium Fleet card program. Click here for more information about the Fuelman program.

Contact Wanda DiPangrazio at or call 800-877-9019 x19703 or cell at (410)-350-6399. 

Please make sure you identify yourself as a member of WFFSA to receive these special offers.

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