New Name. Same Great Experience.

by Laura Wright, The Sun Valley Group










WF&FSA's Development Experience, formerly known as WF&FSA’s Management Institute (M.I.) took place in Philadelphia this year. Not only was attendance up compared to last year so was the name of the game.

Day One

We started off with a phenomenal road trip visiting an eye-opening florist, Kremps, followed by a most unique experience diving into Arizona East. There we got to see how the current succulent craze is managed at the nursery level. Next on the docket was George Lucas Greenhouses – a remarkable facility where all your plant dreams come to life – including a state of the art way to conserve and reuse water by using floor bubbling systems. Back on the bus, we headed toward DVFlora’s 75,000 square foot hardgoods warehouse (though it was nice and toasty in July in PA), the immaculate organization was eye-opening. For our final stop, we were broken up into smaller teams and given an exclusive tour of DVFlora’s Sewell location – the center of their 9-DC hub and spoke set up, again jaw-dropping to see how innovative a company can be. 

Day Two

DevEx_2We had the educational and most entertaining opportunity to sit with Steve McClatchy while we embarked on seminars focused on leadership, management, personal growth, and so much more. Tools and tips were shared amongst the group. Day two was an action-packed day. After mind-expanding seminars, the rat race began! An organized scavenger hunt (hi, what a great way to use what you just learned – leadership, management, brilliant…) was set up and the group was broken up into teams. As #DevEx-ers ran around the city following their scavenger app exercising all kinds of fun and collaborative tasks the organizing team set up the final meeting point for the evening where we all ended up gathering for yet another amazing networking opportunity. 

Day Three

Wait, there’s more! Right?! Day three started off with Jamie Turner. We learned how to use technology to our advantage and how to use it simply and efficiently to make our businesses grow. After a few informative hours, we enjoyed a short graduation ceremony before all of us (some new and some old friends) parted ways and returned back home.

Check out the fun during the scavenger hunt!

Scavenger Hunt

Did you attend #DevExPhilly? Tell us about your experiences below.

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