How Did WF&FSA Members Do This Mother’s Day Holiday?

Mothers DayThe word on the street is the Mother’s Day holiday was strong overall for the floral industry, and sales have been strong ever since for the month of May. So how did WF&FSA members and the wholesale floral industry fare in particular? WF&FSA’s 2018 Mother’s Day survey has these results and more.

Overall, It Was a Good Holiday

Almost 26 percent of respondents said that this Mother’s Day holiday was “better than expected,” with 51 percent also responding, “it was what I expected.” Related to sales, the majority of respondents saw growth, with 55 percent seeing an increase in sales in 2018 compared to last year. Of this total, 23 percent saw sales rise 5-9 percent and another 11 percent stated that sales were flat. Some did respond that sales dipped in 2018, however the majority stated that dip was less than 5 percent.

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