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Businesses from all over the world join WF&FSA for a wide variety of reasons. WF&FSA offers exceptional educational programs to help drive professional development, keeps members in-tune with the latest industry trends and excellent networking opportunities that allows them to interact with industry peers. Plus, an annual conference that brings more than 750 floral industry professionals together for three days of networking, education and a Table Top exhibit that features the latest and greatest.

The WF&FSA New Member Spotlight, appearing in each issue of netWORK, highlights select new members and explains why joining WF&FSA made sense for their business. See why businesses are joining the world's leading trade association for wholesale florist and floral suppliers. Find out how your business can benefit as well. 




As a new member of WF&FSA, what prompted you to join the association?

For over 20 years Florius Flowers (SKF Import Inc.) has been developing, growing and distributing unique and top-quality summer flowers in the highlands of Ethiopia and Kenya.

Florius Flowers has begun selling in the United States 6 years ago dating back to 2012. We primarily deal 2 types of flower varieties (Hypericum Coco and Veronica Smart).

Although we have a great portfolio with clients in the US market, we’re constantly looking for ways on how to best reach out potential new customers in the US market; for this we believe that WF&FSA’s platform and network can be really helpful.

What are the biggest benefits you receive as a WF&FSA member?

So far, it’s been a very interesting and unique journey for us to be able to ship our flowers into Newark (EWR), Dulles (IAD), and Los Angeles (LAX), with distributions out of Miami as well.

Being a very new member of WF&FSA, we can say that the biggest benefit we received so far is the opportunity to be a part of an active and engaged community of flower wholesalers and distributors in the region. Being a WF&FSA member opens up a lot of great opportunities for our business, whether it be increasing our sales or improving our marketability alike.

What is your company most excited about in 2018?

As part of our on-going efforts to innovate on the way flowers are being ordered, we’re proud to announce that our very own web shop, aptly called Flower Box 3, has been conceptualized and developed by our in-house IT team. We’re constantly working on brining further improvements to it to make it more robust and accessible to our customers.

Our main goal in creating the Flower Box 3 is to provide our customers with an easy to access platform to order our products, while also providing reliable availability information.

About Florius Flowers

Florius supplies a wide-ranging variety of fresh flowers grown from the great highlands of Kenya and Ethiopia. These flowers are cultivated with high standards of methods and procedures that make them always fresh, healthy, and can last longer than any other flowers.

With over 20 years of experience of cultivating flowers in Africa, we keep our standards and quality high, the whole process from production to the vase is closely-monitored to guarantee you the best flowers. Learn more. 

Are You a New WF&FSA Member?

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