Service First Processing

Payment Processing Provider

Service First Processing

SFP is a leading payment processing provider helping merchants navigate the constant changes in the bank card industry while keeping costs low, ensuring data security, and enhancing efficiency by making it simple to run transactions. SFP offers WF&FSA members SFP credit card and ACH/check processing services at a special discount off its regular rates.

Under the new program, SFP will provide a member company a savings proposal based on its unique processing needs, an SFP consultative analysis and will quote expected program savings in advance. WF&FSA members will also enjoy these exclusive member benefits:

  • In addition to quoted savings, 10% of the net process revenue SFP generates from a member’s account will be rebated back to the member on an annual basis.
  • A 60-day trial period and no-cost equipment loaner program.
  • A 90-day trial period for members that do not currently accept credit cards.
  • A free “AccessOne” online reporting system, a $120 annual value.
  • A dedicated member helpline: (855) 632-9862.
  • Visit the designated WF&FSA / Service First Processing website

As trusted advisors, SFP professionals assess each company’s current situation to evaluate its strengths and identify areas for improvement and provide its employees with education on how the processing industry works and how to avoid common pitfalls.

We made the switch three months ago and have been pleased with the results. Service First Processing personnel were very helpful in guiding us through the transition process. They were prompt in responding to our questions and their concern for us as a customer is exceptional. We are enjoying a major upgrade in reports as well as the ability to research history which has been a major improvement in our record keeping. Our decision to make the switch was a good one and we are enjoying the reduction of our costs when it comes to credit/debit card processing. We can endorse their services to other businesses who are interested in saving money and increasing their control over their records needed in today's business environment.”

Walter Rojahn, Chairman, Rojahn & Malaney Company

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