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WF&FSA Institute

WF&FSA InstituteWelcome to WF&FSA Institute

WF&FSA’s newest program offers member organizations access to an e-Learning program offering access to online professional development and industry-based courses.  This learning option offers member employees anytime, anywhere access to affordable and relevant interactive coursework.  WF&FSA Institute is the perfect tool to use to enhance and/or augment your on-boarding process, training, and employee development programs. 

View an Introductory Presentation

Hundreds of Educational Titles to Choose From

Choose from hundreds of pre-selected course titles, organized by track, in the following categories:

Branch Manager               Purchasing

HR                                             Sales

Marketing                            Warehouse Personnel

Microsoft                             Workplace Etiquette


Click here to view the full list of pre-selected titles by track.

Access Industry-Specific Content

Most importantly, access the first industry course built by WF&FSA:  Flower Care & Handling.

This course was designed for beginners in the wholesale flower industry and will introduce you to the proper care and handling of cut flowers. Our goal in developing this course is to improve knowledge within the distribution chain, improve flower quality, reduce waste, and decrease customer complaints. The end result should be increased flower sales at each stop in the delivery chain.

WF&FSA has plans to add new course titles each year. 

Purchase An Annual Subscription

Subscriptions are for a 12-month period and cover up to three employees for the subscription period.  Subscriptions are managed directly by an individual you identify to act as a Training Coordinator. 


  • Cost-effective - less than $50 per employee per year
  • Employees log in through a customized portal directly to WF&FSA Institute
  • Your Training Coordinator manages your program: add employees; manage course assignments; set completion deadlines; track learner progress; run completion reports
  • Purchase additional subscriptions at any time.

Subscription Cost:  $149 per year renewed annually

Purchase a Subscription

Purchase Access to Just the WF&FSA Course

While we strongly encourage a coordinated training effort by our member companies, we fully understand there are times when this isn’t an option.  For individuals who are employees of a WFFSA member, registration to the Flower Care & Handling course can be purchased independently.  Access to the course is for 4-months; the WF&FSA Education Team acts as your Training Coordinator assigning the course, setting the due date and monitoring your progress.

Registration Cost:  $60 per person

Purchase an Individual Registration

Have questions about either option?  Email us at education@wffsa.org