Board Member Spotlight: Chris Berglund

Get to Know Chris Berglund from Washington Floral Service in this Board Member Spotlight

Wffsa Chris Berglund 2 WF&FSA's governing body consists of five officers who make up the Executive Committee along with Board members. We are grateful for their dedication and contribution to the success of our industry. Get to know Chris Berglund from Washington Floral Service, in this Board Member Spotlight.

Congratulations on joining the WF&FSA Board of Directors! Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I am the fourth generation of owners/managers at Washington Floral Service. I started full time with the company after college in 2010 and spent summers, evenings and weekends working here for many years prior. In my time with the company, I’ve worked in a number of different roles as a salesperson, a buyer and a manager, and have overseen our expansion from a single location wholesaler into a multi-location regional company covering territories in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming and Alaska.

What do you look forward to when joining the board?

I look forward to the opportunity to continue a long family tradition of supporting WF&FSA and assisting as it continues to grow and improve itself for the benefit of it’s membership. I’m excited for the opportunity to work collaboratively with my peers to support the benefit of the group as a whole.

What motivates you about WF&FSA's work on behalf of the industry?

I believe strongly that the educational and networking events provided by WF&FSA are a unique opportunity to create lasting friendships and business relationships between vendors, growers, breeders and wholesalers, and I’m excited to be a part of helping create the best version of those events possible.

What is one major challenge you feel WF&FSA faces at the moment, and one significant opportunity you hope WF&FSA will grasp?

I feel that the biggest challenge WF&FSA currently faces is continuing grow its membership and participation in the wholesaler category. I would love to see increased attendance at events within that group and assist WF&FSA in its continued effort to add value to wholesalers through roundtable discussions, networking events, and a group outreach to targeted wholesalers not currently participating in the group. We have an incredible group with great members, and I hope we can find more ways to leverage the knowledge and experience of the group to help drive membership and participation.

What do you hope to accomplish as a WF&FSA board member?

I hope to assist the group in its collective goals and to make sure that the WF&FSA membership is stronger and better as a whole at the end of my term as a board member.

What's one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu most weekday mornings at 5am and I cannot recommend it more as a daily wake-up routine.


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