Why Serve the WFFSA Community?

Written By Scott Cheeseman, Kennicott, WF&FSA Marketing Committee Member

WFFSA MarchKennicott has a long history supporting and serving the WFFSA organization. I am completing my 3 years on the Board. A recurring theme in our industry is about change.  The pandemic obviously impacted all of us.  This has accelerated the challenges we all face every day. Technology, staffing, production, and logistics are all top of mind.  Fresh off another record FDC and the spring holidays right in front of us, time is flying by.


I’m reflecting on how strong the leaders in our industry are. This is a key reason to participate in WFFSA functions and joining committees to further your experience. We have a remarkable group of open and encouraging people.  These leaders are stepping up to continue to grow our association.  Reach out to any of them and ask questions.  The industry is evolving but the services we provide are essential to our customers.  Find out more by getting involved!


We have weathered a tremendous disruption to the entire world.  WFFSA has remained strong and is on better footing because of wise decisions made over the last decade.  The resulting opportunity is we have better resources now to add to the portfolio.  I strongly encourage anyone wondering if they should join WFFSA or participate in FDC or DEVX, just do it!  If you are an owner looking to develop talent in your company, these functions are worth the time and investment.


Personally, I really enjoy the relationships we develop and FDC proves this every year. My WFFSA Board experience has been outstanding.  As an industry we must continue to face the issues. Our competition is where and how will consumers choose to buy products and services. How does this impact us?  WFFSA has a strong voice that continues to advocate for growth in our industry.  I encourage you to join us in that journey.

All the best for continuing success.

Scott Cheeseman

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