Preparing for Valentine’s Day 2023

By Danna Avsec, Channel Marketing Manager, SMITHERS-OASIS

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The countdown to Valentine’s Day in the floral industry has officially begun! It is estimated that over 250 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the number one holiday for florists and for floral purchases and many wholesalers begin preparing months in advance. 

For example, Jon King (with King’s Wholesale Florist) started preparing for the holiday from the supply side in mid-October. Next month, the cut flowers side of King’s business will also be fully engaged. When describing his preparation process for Valentine’s Day, King emphasized the value of taking notes from the previous year. 

“Take good notes on what you did right and what you did wrong. Try to repeat the right things going into the holiday,” said King. 

Michelle Friebel Patel from the Bill Doran Company began her preparation way back in February. King and Patel discussed the importance of looking at last year’s purchases and sales as a starting point for this year’s preparation. 

“Last year, there were some vases we couldn’t get. This year, we could get these items. It’s important to determine this year if a customer didn’t want an item last year or if we couldn’t get the item. Taking good notes could help with this process,” commented King. 

When preparing for the holiday, Patel shared her advice for other wholesalers. “Especially on the basics, we feel like we cannot have enough” of certain items that “will likely continue to sell even after the holiday” passes. “We like to be prepared,” she said. 

Due to the nature of last-minute purchases, Patel expects that her company will be busy up until February 14th as product remains available. She said that she also likes to pre-book with customers, encouraging them to order as early as possible. King also emphasized that it’s helpful for florists to buy from local wholesalers as they can react quickly to consumer demand.   

Consumers purchase flowers on Valentine’s Day not only for their partners, but also for mothers, children and friends. Some people even treat themselves with flowers! With careful and thoughtful planning in advance, wholesalers and retail florists are sure to have a prosperous holiday that will be enjoyed by all!  


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