Top 11 Reasons to Buy from Wholesale Florists

Based on a blind, non-biased national survey of independent retail florists, wholesalers represent the best value for the money - and their value comes in many forms – satisfaction, reliability, accuracy, responsiveness, expertise and much more.

  1. Overall Satisfaction. Retail florists rated wholesale florists significantly higher in overall satisfaction than farm direct, importers, and wire service floral sources across all florist sales groups and regions of the US.
  2. Reliability. Wholesale florists perform best. They are dependable. They stand behind their promises. Wholesalers were voted the most reliable source of supply in a nationwide survey of retail florists.
  3. Accuracy. Wholesale florists provide accurate order fulfillment and on-time delivery.
  4. Responsiveness. Retail florists ranked wholesalers the highest out of all suppliers when it comes to responsiveness. When you need help your wholesaler is there.
  5. Expert Knowledge. Wholesalers have knowledge and expertise about the products they sell. Retailers voted them superior in product knowledge against all other cut flower sources.
  6. Cut-Flower Quality. Wholesalers deliver high quality flowers. Most retail florists ranked the quality of flowers from wholesalers higher than farm direct, importers and wire service programs.
  7. Relationship. Most retailers have a long-term business relationship with their wholesaler. When you call your wholesaler, they know who you are and what your special needs are.
  8. Easy to Order. Retail florists ranked wholesalers, by far, the easiest source from which to order product.
  9. Convenience. Wholesalers are located relatively near their retail customers. The wholesalers' method of delivery is convenient and lead time in ordering product can be short.
  10. Selection. Wholesalers offer a wide assortment of cut flower varieties and basic everyday floral supplies.
  11. Cost Effective. Wholesale florists provide cost-effective, store-door delivery in quantities that retailers need and can use without waste.